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Airpods snug EARmould

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NYHET 2021!

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Formstøpt ørepropp til Apple Airpods.

"Snug" comes from English and means cozy, comfortable and cuddly - all characteristics of this innovative earmold shape.


Apple's AirPods are among the most popular Bluetooth headphones on the market. Apple promises an incomparable wireless headphone experience combined with maximum freedom of movement - at least for the majority of users. After all, those whose ears fall outside the norm will either struggle with pressure points or a lack of support with the AirPods. Since the geometry of these headphones hardly offers any undercuts or support points, the fixation of an earmold has only been possible via a fully enclosing silicone sleeve so far.

// 100% hold.
// Recess the sensors
// All the functions of the AirPods are retained
// Improved sound image
// Open earpiece system - no compartmentalization.
// Fast and easy to handle


Instead of full silicone shell, we use an extremely reduced design for our Snug earmold. The AirPod is simply clicked into the ring designed for this purpose. In this way, the earmold fits perfectly around the earpiece and is firmly fixed. An additional sealing ring ensures a 100% seal at the sound outlet.

We manufacture snug earmolds from rigid acrylic. This material is resistant and extremely durable. The surface of the snugs is matt polished. White is standard color, we also produce black and transparent on request.

In addition to a right and left marking, we will laser engrave your desired name on the product.

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