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5 different earphone technologies & 5 sound levels - the world of HEAROS is vast. Even the entry level is on a very high standard. The BANG I disappears inconspicuously in the auditory canal, while the BOOM II utilises miniature 2-way technology. In their auditory canal versions, both are the perfect companion for the most demanding of customer ears.

The PRO series models are available with 2, 3 or 4-way technology. The PRO series is made for the stage and music lovers who attach great importance to perfect sound. The PRO II and PRO III models are a further development of the proven b.IEM technology. We have completely re-imagined the PRO IV for a superlative sound experience. All PRO models can be ordered in the 4ME (custom-made to the ear impression) or 4ALL variant (fits any ear thanks to our unique standard tips).

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